The Violence of Participation in 2010

Covering Up


(I took this image on my phone during a group cover-up that Pierre-Andre Sonolet hosted near the train station in Vancouver today.)

Covering Up has been an open invitation for people to make interventions on the Vancouver skyline. In the midst of the disruption and non-transparency that is part of public life in a city preparing for Olympic games, this project  has produced momentary gestures of resistance and local distraction. IMGP4609Using household linen and bedding, the artists have involved others to impose the personal on a rapidly changing urban landscape. In absurd mimicry, domestic fabrics have refused for a moment all of the policies and development that have hidden unresolved social problems and misspent public resources.

The photos of these informal and organized cover ups will be projected back onto the street during the Bright Lights Festival on February 19 using the windows of CentreA. Inside Centre A, the on-going "World Tea Party" and Covering Up will host "Masque Tea": cover up with a mask of your own or one provided. I hope to see you at tea on Feb 19 (7-10pm)!