London - June 26-27

Protest & an end to experimentality

Offit, the work that will result from my residency with Mary Oliver at Hub M3 is taking shape. Much of our discussion leading up to this work considers how the people respond or take action in the face of "urban renewal" or imposed changes to the public sphere.

Margaret Atwood has recently published a short editorial -A second chance or a boot in the face, that describes two contrasting forms of protest in Canada - both pressing up against changes to how the federal government is enforcing security. The issues are international. In particular she focuses on how the Canadian government is privatizing the prison system to follow the prison industry model practiced in the US and elsewhere, with the result being a loss of what Atwood suggests is known to be Canadian: "civic responsibility, lending a hand, second chances". 

A UK debut!?: Mary Oliver, Craig Vear and I presented some work coming out of our travels and the Hub M3 residency at "Experiment End - an evening of live art, music and video", Lancaster University. It was a live art event meant to distract or enhance creativity for delegates to the wind up of an ambitious multi-disciplinary conference "about experimentality" hosted by the Institute for Advanced Studies at Lancaster University. (Here are a couple of photos from stage... is it polite to photograph your audience?)