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FANCY DANCING is hosting some weekend closing events. Everyone is invited:

Saturday (Nov 13), 1-4pm - Comforter Art-Action Sewing Circle

- Make a patchwork blanket from recycled fabric. Bring scissors. Everything else is provided or learned on the spot. Finished blankets are distributed to NGOs or shelters.

Saturday (Nov 13), 7pm - VHS Movie Night with Sara French

- bring your pillow or folk festival lawn chair. Sara will bring a selection of VHS tapes from the ECU library. Popcorn provided. Bring drinks.

Sunday (Nov 14), 3pm - FANCY DANCING with pow wow dancer and ECU student, Adrienne Greyeyes! This performance will close the exhibition, so don't miss it!

And, on the same theme -

Thursday (Nov 18), 3:50pm (ECU, 301B) - Lois Klassen will discuss Fancy Dancing as well as the use of memorabilia and memory of events in the panel "Staging interations, obsessive copying and restless adaptations in emergent practices: Josh Hite, Lois Klassen, Holly Schmidt and Erdam Tasdelen" as part of AHIS333 Interdisciplinary Forum.

Hope you can join us! Spread the word.

Michelle Sound Perich & Lois Klassen

FANCY DANCING is open every day until Sunday, Nov 14  from 1-4pm.