Mayne Island Comforts

This is late, but I want to acknowledge the hospitality and comforts offered to me and the project, Comforter Art-Action, way back on Februray 24-25 2012 by Kriss Boggild. Kriss hosted a retreat of sorts, for her and Elaine Mari and me at her recently renovated Mayne Island home. We ate and talked and sewed; caught up on life and had long conversations about textiles, and other cultural observations, frustrations, and puzzelments within our lives. As a result, we completed four lovely knotted blankets which will soon be delivered to MCC, for distribution to a displaced person or family, somewhere out in the world.

Thank you to Kriss and Elaine for a restorative weekend, and for putting something of yourselves into the on-going Comforter Art Action project. I really admire your insights into art and life and, by extension, your multiple intellegences.